Baked with Love. My Mom’s Carrot Cake

There it stands a finely perfected masterpiece. One of the best carrot cakes you’ve ever tasted. A work of art. My mom has baked the best carrot cakes over the years for her family, and needs to be commended. These finely crafted cakes are baked with so much love and precision and are a true gift from the heart. Simple yet elegant. Tender yet so powerful. Knowing all of the love and attention to detail my mom puts into her baking, makes it all the more comforting. Her sensitive, nurturing  and precise nature permeates throughout her baking and in the beautiful products that she creates.

In particular, this traditional carrot cake recipe captures a taste and flavors that we have all come to know and love. A beautiful mouthwatering sight bursting with hand shredded carrots, pineapples, raisins, coconut, pecans and spices all blended carefully together, to create a delicate balance, texture and flavour. I know, I know the calories…As I see it the raisins and nuts are healthy, the carrots are a vegetable, and the delectable, luscious cream cheese frosting is a dairy! Oh, I forgot always a few carefully placed very pretty sprinkles on top, for the finishing touch.

My mom has taught and inspired my daughters and me about the art, joy and pride of baking. A gift of which we will all have to treasure for a lifetime.

Baking requires your whole attention. From the preparation and feel of the ingredients, to the sound of the mixer and the result of the delicious smell of the end product throughout our home is truly therapeutic and comforting. It is proven that baking increases the release of our feel good hormones endorphins. Baking is a win-win. It’s good for the mind and the soul. It allows us to focus and use or minds and hands and hearts to create something. And, when you give your baking away; it makes others feel good and shows that you care.

The kettle is on for my tea and my piece of carrot cake, made lovingly by my mom.

Thanks Mom. Happy Valentine’s Day!❤