What is Quality Care?

Care is both an art and a science in that the Caregiver must be sensitive and perceptive to the needs of the client; while critically assessing the individual’s health status. Any changes to the ‘norms’or ‘baselines’ of a person’s systemic and bodily functions can be life threatening, if not properly noted and interventions taken. Every patient and person has a different story; different background; different needs and goals. Care must meet the physical; emotional; psychological and spiritual needs of a person. A proper nursing diagnosis incorporates all of these areas of one’s health and well being. A client’s rights, privacy, preferences, dignity should permeate through all aspects of care provision.

If you have a loved one receiving care, there are certain ‘standards of care’ based on legislation and health care ethics that must be met.

1. What are the Caregiver’s credentials?

2. Have they been carefully screened with a vulnerable sector police clearance?

3. Do they have insurance and/ are bonded? Covered by WSIB if they get injured?

4. Do they follow infection control measures with proper hand washing, glove use and sanitization of supplies and equipment?

5. Do they communicate effectively and clearly, both written and verbally?

6. Is there a plan of care and set out duties and goals to meet and achieve? Are the plans and goals reviewed periodically and frequently, with the client and family?

7. Is their care thorough, gentle and efficient?

8. Is the caregiver friendly, respectful and enjoyable?

Health is a delicate balance. Illness is based on subjective and objective data that requires effective care, so that an individual and their families feel hopeful, happy, optimistic, secure and safe. Quality care is available with the right support team in place to work hand in hand, together with the client and their family. Gold Cross Home Care is RN owned and has been supporting individuals in the HAMILTON and surrounding communities for 6 years. We work very hard to help people feel better, and to improve their quality of life.